Mama Elis, Lembata
Name  :  Elisabeth Nogo Keraf
Location  :  Desa Waiwejak, Pulau Lembata
Has distributed  :  143 units of technology
Has reached  :  715 people

It takes a long time to get to the house of Elisabeth Nogo Keraf, or as we affectionately call her, Mama Elis. She lives in Waiwejak village, which is located three hours from Lewoleba, the capital of Lembata regency. In her village, Mama Elis works as a farmer producing candlenut, cashew, and corn crops.

But she is not just a farmer. Mama Elis is a prominent leader in her village, who actively participates in many activities. She is the head of village finance, the leader of family planning, and the chief of the local health care facility. Her involvement in the community helps her as a Wonder Woman. Due to her networking and strong connections, she has distributed 100 technologies in just eight months. She also manages eight sales agents increasing her reach to more remote places throughout Lembata.

Mama Elis first learned about the clean energy technologies that Kopernik distribute through another Wonder Woman in Larantuka. She quickly learned the benefits of the technologies and wanted to become the person to connect these useful technologies to the people in Lembata. A few weeks later, she joined the Wonder Women program. Through the program she hopes she can contribute more and more to her community.