Mama Kris, Titehena
Name  :  Kristina Jedo Bukan
Location  :  Tuakepa village, East Flores
Has distributed  :  296 units of technology
Has reached  :  1,480 people

Mama Kris lives in Tuakepa village, located about one hour drive from Larantuka in East Flores. She joined the Wonder Women program in February 2016. In the first few months of her involvement as a Wonder Woman, she sold 86 units of clean energy technology, which is almost 1 per day!


One day, we visited Mama Kris with the intention of getting to know her better. Once we arrived, we were surprised to find that her house was full of people! Surely it was the warm and pleasant personality of Mama Kris that turned her into a well-known figure in the community. Happy to welcome her guests, Mama Kris served everyone with her delicious home-made, ttraditional dishes called "rumpu-rampe" which enlivened the atmosphere that afternoon.

While enjoying the meal, we spoke about the village, local traditions, and about the tenun ikat group that Mam Kris had been championing in her village. However, knowing that many of the people in the room weren’t familiar with the clean energy technologies, Mama Kris took advantage of the opportunity and held a small tech fair on the spot. She is a really spry woman!

With simple language that was easily understood by the local people, Mama Kris conducted the tech fair smoothly. Regardless of whether it was because of her presentation skill or her delicious dishes, the audience showed interest and enthusiasm during the technology demonstration. They asked many questions and Mama Kris answered them one by one in great detail showing her deep understanding of the technology benefits.

Mama Kris believes that these clean energy technologies can ease the lives of many people around her. This is her motivation to distribute more and more. She believes in the benefits so much that she also keeps a Nazava water filter in her living room so that the students of the school next to her house can come by to drink the clean and safe water for free whenever they have breaks from school.


Following the unforgettable experience of the delicious food and the tech fair performance made by Mama Kris, Kopernik invited her to participate in Ubud Food Festival in 2016. At the annual culinary festival Mama Kris cooked traditional Flores cuisine using one of the biomass cookstoves that she regularly sells to her people in her community. While cooking she expertly explained the benefits of this technology in order to spread the word about the benefits of such technology.